Arctic Chill

In light of the arctic temps here in the Vail Valley, I’ve collected a few warm and chic options for those of you who dare to venture outside.


1. Bernardo Goose Down Walking Coat, Nordstrom

2. TNA Roswell Parka, Aritzia

3. Formal Parka with Fur Trim Hood, Asos

4. Bellfield Park Jacket with Faux Fur Trim Hood, Asos

5. Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat, Aritzia

Mountain Casual

When I first moved to the mountains in 2009, I constantly heard the term “mountain casual” thrown around. Flannels, beaver pelts, and cowboy hats immediately came to mind. The longer I lived here, I began to see that mountain casual isn’t just a style used to describe the dress code at a resort restaurant. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flannel and faux fur (and resort restaurants!), but mountain casual is also a state of mind; it’s a more relaxed way of life, and in my opinion, a very enjoyable way of life…and that’s coming from a girl who barely skis! So even if you don’t live in the mountains, I hope you’ll follow along and try to embrace a more “mountain casual” state of mind through my fashion, food, and lifestyle recommendations.